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Do you work at a school or other local institution where armed services are simply not needed? Our officers offer professional unarmed security services in Miami, FL and the surrounding areas. Our unarmed security guards can help you properly monitor who enters the facility, activity on the premises, and will deter vandalism, trespassing, and shoplifting. In addition to local institutions, there are public events or department stores that may need some extra security due to large crowds. Reach out to Ward Security Corp. if you need unarmed security services today.  

Why Work with Our Unarmed Security Detail?

Many establishments and events are low risk, where unarmed security detail provides the right amount of security. Oftentimes, unarmed security guards are more approachable, making visitors feel that they can easily receive their assistance. Although unarmed, all of our security officers are highly trained in law and defensive tactics so you can expect professional and reliable protection.  

Organizations that commonly seek out unarmed security: 


  • Sporting Venues 
  • Entertainment Venues 
  • Public Plazas  
  • Department Stores 
  • Schools 

Are you holding an event such as a fundraiser? We offer unarmed security detail for special events in Miami, FL and the surrounding areas. Reach out to Ward Security Corp. today to request a free security assessment. Our professionals will determine the most strategic security plan for your business or property 

Learn More About How Our Unarmed Security Officer Can Help & Call Today!

Want to know more about what our unarmed security services in Miami, FL can do for you? Call us today and speak to the owner about your specific security needs. We understand that each business requires varying protection depending on assets, location, time, etc. Our team will work to create an effective and budget-friendly security solution. Put your trust in us today and feel safer on your property. 

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