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Do you want to better protect your property and prevent safety issues? Here at Ward Security Corp., we offer trusted alarm response services in Miami, FL and the surrounding areas. When you hire us, we will secure the site prior to response then dispatch highly trained and experienced security professionals when you need it. We will help you set up innovative systems that monitor the smallest movements, vibrations, smoke, heat, sound, etc. If this sounds like something you want to invest in, get in touch with Ward Security Corp. today and speak to a professional about your preferred security alarm services. 

Our Alarm Response Services and State of the Art Program

When it comes to alarm monitoring services, a safe option to consider is our State of the Art (VISION) Program, which is a video guarding service. This alarm service consists of live, trained, off-site security professionals monitoring your site remotely. The camera setup allows our officer to conduct video security tours and register frame by frame site visits. Not only will they be able to view off-site, but they can interact with the camera system to provide two-way audio allowing them to announce to intruders that the authorities have been alerted and images have been captured. In addition to all of this, we can turn off lights, hit strobes and sound disorientation devices, all from behind the scenes. 

Want to know more? Reach out to our owner today to begin discussing our alarm protection services  in Miami, FL!

Receive Monitoring Alarm Services Trusted by Your Community

Many alarm companies do not offer patrol services to respond when the alarm is active. With us, you can expect immediate assistance rather than waiting for local authorities to respond. We highly recommend that you work with a security professional in Miami, FL that provides you with fast and reliable alarm response services. Whether you need industrial, commercial, or residential security services, you can count on our highly trained and experienced professionals to provide you with dependable service. Call now to request a free security assessment!

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