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No matter how well prepared you may be, situations arise beyond your control that require immediate response. That’s why Ward Security Corp. is here to help with emergency security guard services in Homestead, FL and the surrounding areas! Our officers are able to handle any emergency security issues, from simple alarm failure to natural disaster, they can be there to assist you. Alarm failures are common and frustrating, especially when the alarm company can’t get to repairs right away. One of our emergency security officers will be at the site quickly, checking for any sign of a break-in or other problem and notifying the property owner or law enforcement as to whether immediate actions need to be undertaken. Call us today for assistance! 

When Do I Need Emergency Security?

A hurricane or fire is a good example when you need emergency security services in place; loss of power means the alarm system is disarmed, which leaves your business vulnerable to looting and damage. Unfortunately, there are those who try to take advantage these situations. One of our emergency security officers arriving on-site will aid in loss prevention by controlling who has access to the premises. Emergency repairs (boarding up) on broken windows and doors can be arranged to further secure the property. Gated communities feel often feel a sense of relief knowing that even if the gate is not working, there is emergency security patrolling their neighborhood on the lookout for suspicious persons and damaged or unsafe areas.


Protests today have a strong tendency to turn into a case of civil unrest or a riot. If this is happening nearby and making you uncomfortable, we have trained officers who, in conjunction with local law enforcement, can help contain and control this type of situation, protecting your interests in the process. Need emergency security services in Miami, FL or the surrounding area for other reasons? Give us a call and let us know what you need!

Call Today to Work with Trusted Emergency Security Guards!

Many people who plan large events, both public and private, require additional security for safety purposes. Ward Security can provide those needed officers, making any upcoming event safer and more secure for everyone involved. Ward Security stands ready, willing, and able to handle any situation where emergency security is needed. Call us today to learn more about our services or request a free security assessment in Miami, FL or the surrounding areas!

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