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Do you work in a business or institution that is targeted for serious violence or theft? If so, it’s wise to invest in armed security services from professional security officers near you. Here at Ward Security Corp., our top priority is keeping clients safe from all potential threats. We have worked with a variety of industrial, construction, and retail clients that need proper security detail in place to have peace of mind. Armed security officers provide a presence of authority and high security, often warning off those with criminal intent. If you need armed security services in Miami, FL or the surrounding areas, work with our highly trained and experienced security officers. 

When Do I Need an Armed Security Officer?

Armed security services are typically needed for more secure situations. This can be for properties and businesses that are high-risk for criminal activity. This can be businesses where theft and burglary are common, or even terrorist attacks. In these situations, armed guards are useful to have by your side. 


Here are businesses that commonly hire armed security services in Miami, FL and the surrounding areas:


  • Construction Sites 
  • Jewelry Stores 
  • Financial Institutions 
  • Museums 
  • Medical Facilities 
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Companies 

Not sure if you need armed security officers on your property? Reach out to Ward Security Corp. today to discuss your current situation with an experienced security professional. We even provide free security assessments to determine the amount of risk and advise you on better security. Call now! 

Call Now and Ask Us About Our Armed Security Services

When weapons are involved, its best to work with a trusted and experienced security service company. Ward Security Corp. is a team of experienced and thoroughly trained officers in the Miami, FL area. Our personnel go through an extensive background check, training, and are often former military or law enforcement. We have officers with more than 20 years of experience nationally and internationally. When you work with us, you can have peace of mind knowing your property is in good hands. Contact our owner today to discuss armed security services we offer. 

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