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We Offer Probono Investigative Services for Our Clients!

Special event security requires experience and great attention to detail. Here at Ward Security Corp., we have extensive training and experience providing special security services for corporate events, loss prevention, transportation, console operations, and more. We work closely with our clients to provide strategic security plans for their unique needs. We truly care about our clients and have high moral standing. When you work with our security officers, you can expect you and your guests to feel secure and safe. Contact us today to begin discussing how you would like to increase security at your special event in Miami, FL or the surrounding areas!

What Our Special Security Services Offer

  • Transportation for Executive and Client Assets: We offer transportation services for executive and client assets in Miami, FL and the surrounding areas. We protect your executives or products wherever they are going whether it be across town or round-trip to the airport. Our transportation experts design a comprehensive security detail including routes, loading, unloading and escorting.
  • Loss Prevention: There is no greater asset than the product you sell. Loss prevention and asset protection have become a top priority within organizations due to the rising rate of theft. It is estimated that more than 30 billion dollars are lost on an annual basis by the U.S. companies due to theft and fraud. We understand the complexities of operational and logistic security and can provide the best protection that you need.
  • Console Operations: Our Security Officers are trained in monitoring your internal system including CCTV, fire, elevator, and security intrusion.  Training includes procedures for responding to each type of incident that could potentially occur while monitoring your console operations.

Hire Corporate Event Security Personnel to Optimize Guest Experience

When planning a special corporate event, there are a number of things you must take care of, including security. Don’t let it be forgotten. When you work with Ward Security Corp., you not only gain access to special security services but also collaborate with trusted professionals to ensure your guests enjoy the event without worrying about effective security. We will begin by providing a detailed security assessment to determine realistic threats, venue vulnerabilities, and how many security officers will be needed. Call us today if you are planning a corporate event in Miami, FL or the surrounding areas!

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